Alternative Resources

Daye & Company - PenWe are not accepting any new work going into 2016. Below is a list of colleagues that I respect and who have agreed to have their contact information listed here.

British Columbia

Ron Osborne
GST/HST/PST Advice and compliance


Mitch LaBuick
Partner, Indirect Tax
BDO Canada LLP
Direct: 1-780-643-8981
Mobile: 1-780-405-2422
GST/HST/PST advice and compliance

Sue McDonald
Perseus Trade Solutions
Customs issues; imports, exports and compliance


Jeff Harrison
MNP LLP (Regina Office)
1-877-500-7900 ext 7998 (toll free)
GST/HST/PST advice and compliance; financial institution reporting


Serge Vanier
Ad Valorem
GST/HST/QST advice and compliance
Serge is fully bilingual and is one of the best in the country dealing with Revenu Quebec

365 Fell Avenue
Burnaby BC V5B 3Y3