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Barry R Hull, BPE

Barry R Hull, BPE

Barry's full time experience in commodity tax spans more than twenty years. From January 1992 until July 1996, he worked at Revenue Canada, Customs & Excise in Edmonton as GST field auditor, as acting supervisor of the prepayment unit that processed refunds and rebates and finally as an appeals officer handling GST objections.

Subsequently, he worked as a senior manager in the commodity tax area of a National CA firm from July 1996 until January 2001, followed by a one year appointment in the Auckland, New Zealand office of the same firm. Since 2002, he has continued to provide advice to accountants, lawyers and others across Canada.

Barry's commodity tax expertise covers a variety of registrants: charities, not-for-profits, educational institutions, health care entities, municipalities, First Nation's groups, auto dealers, oil and gas companies, technology developers, manufacturers, retailers, real estate developers and importers/exporters.

From November 2000 until October 2007 and from September 2013 to present, Mr. Hull has served as the editor and contributor for "GST & Commodity Tax" (published ten times a year by Thomson Carswell Inc.). The newsletter is aimed at commodity tax professionals, but is also received by many government tax offices as well as the Tax Court, Federal Court of Appeal and Supreme Court of Canada. Barry continues to write articles on technical issues for the newsletter.

Barry has participated in the ICAA-CRA Tax Roundtable from 1997 through 2015. He has presented on commodity taxes to the Canadian Bar Association, Northern and Central Alberta Branches; the Legal Education Society of Alberta; the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Alberta; the CGA/CMA/CA group for Northwest Territories & Nunavut; the Edmonton Tax Discussion Group; the Government Financial Officers Association of Alberta; the Edmonton Chapter of the Alberta CGA Association, the Practitioner's Group for the Edmonton CMAs, the 2006 CICA National Income Tax Conference, the Institute of Canadian Professional Accountants, the 2010 CTF Prairie Provinces Tax Conference, the 2013 CPA Canada National Income Tax Conference, as well as numerous accounting and legal firms.

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